welcome to redleafgoldteeth.

If you for some strange reason are reading this, I would like you welcome you to my blog, redleafgoldteeth; canadian tastemakers.

As you may infer from the title, this blog is dedicated to urban culture, specifically north of the border (as the yanks like to say). I don’t necessarily like the term “urban” but for the time being I’ll take what I’m given. The reason I don’t really like the word, is because of the semantic associations many people get when they hear it. Don’t get me wrong, I embrace and embody most of the words associated with the term “urban”, but the culture is shifting so much that it can barely be defined. Urban culture went from being Timb’s and some Rocawear jeans, to Roshe flyknits and some Zanerobe joggers. Some may define this more as “hip” or “hipster” culture, but in my opinion, you can’t spell hip-hop without hip so I’m not opposed at all. It’s about the fusion of that gold-teeth trill shit, combined with the clean effortless sense of being “hip” – all with a Canadian spin.

This blog will be geared mainly towards music, fashion, and lifestyle geared towards the interests of college age kids all over Canada. I hope to do some new, bigger things with redleafgoldteeth eventually too. As I write this, I hope that people will go back in 5 years from now and search for the first post on this blog and become inspired when they read it. It is February 2015 right now, and it’s about a week after A$AP Yams’ passing. If it’s 2020 and people don’t know that name anymore, I urge you to read up about him (this article in the NY times about him largely inspired me to start pursuing my dreams, including this website).

Anyways, a little about me. I’m a 20 year old college student living in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA, studying communications in hopes of pursuing a career in marcom (marketing communications), social media marketing, and branding, and to eventually to run my own brand of some sort. I’m into all types of stuff; sports, fashion, music, art, etc. To get a sense of my personality and diverse taste, my 3 favourite artists are Chance the Rapper (you will see lots of posts about him), Big Sean, and J.Cole. I am modern hip hop head, though I am well listened (like “well read”, is this a thing? I dunno) in the classics as well. I also an big into certain sub-genres of EDM and most “party” music. I have been publishing party mixes for 2 years now. I do my own graffiti/typography art which you may see on the blog every once in a while, as well as video editing. I am a SNEAKERHEAD. I own around 20-30 pairs of shoes in my small college bedroom right now, and trust me, if the budget was there the collection would be much larger. I’m the typical kid on your feeds who is way too into his social media. I have 17k tweets, 500+ photos on Instagram, 1000+ friends on Facebook, and am well involved in most other social media platforms (ran a 400,000+ view channel on YouTube).

In short, I’m your typical black, “urban”, Canadian kid, who has been influenced by all the white people in his life, but tries hard to maintain an identity as a black person.

Keep reading and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot more about me, and maybe I might even learn a bit about y’all once I start getting some interaction through this page. Until then…

two words: one love


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