Popular College Brand “I’m Shmacked” is Back!

After a lengthy hiatus due to “legal problems”, the popular YouTube channel I’m Shmacked is back (with a new channel). The brand made famous for making videos showing what campus life is really like had been approved for a $500,000 evaluation (including full brand) before their channel was taken down, most likely due to copyright strikes.

Since then, the brand has continued to announce dates and expansion to new schools, and create merchandise. Another BIG change, is that co-founder Jeffrey “Yofray” Ray has decided to leave the brand citing internal disputes with other co-founder Arya Toufanian. Ray has decided to create his own student venture called “College Weekly“.

I’m Shmacked was a large influence on me during my first years at University in Canada. I watched the videos and wondered why student life here could not be just like there videos (more on this on a later date). I started filming and editing my own party videos, creating successful party playlists on 8tracks named after the brand, and even started this blog with college students in mind. I suggest you check them out if you have similar goals… or if you like watching hot girls party. That is reasonably chill too.

Check out their new channel here, and peep a few of their best videos (in my opinion) below, and be sure to look out for Canadian expansion soon, by both I’m Shmacked and College Weekly!

I’m Shmacked – SDSU

I’m Shmacked – U of Arizona (From 2012, my personal favourite)

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