RLGT x #TBT: I’m So Paid

Let’s face it. If you were a 90’s kid (like myself) living in Canada, you probably didn’t grow up listening to strictly 80’s-90’s gangster rap, even though you might don it, “the golden ages”. Personally, I consider myself a modern hip hop head and I love all (well, most) of the new places hip hop is going whether is be fusion with other genres or whatever. I also personally can not stand those people who say todays rap and hip hop isn’t real hip hop because it is a little different than stuff you probably barely listen to but you want to sound like you have some musical knowledge. Just chill, be real. We all know that when you are by yourself you are bumping to “Lifestyle” by Young Thug, and when you in the club you are turning up to “No Type” by Rae Sremmurd. Every song has its place.

With that said. this segment will be featured every Thursday and will feature tracks from our upbringing in music. You will hear mostly songs that came out 5-15 years ago that are recognizable and you know you rocked with back in the day. This could be “The Thong Song” or this could be “some early Cole. You Never know.

Today’s track is going to bring you back to Grade 8 when you were just learning your way around the internet, maybe just finding your taste in music. It featured some of the biggest names around at the time (2008), and honestly, still some pretty big names now. The track, “I’m So Paid” by rising star Akon, featuring 2 rappers by the name of Lil Wayne (ever heard of him?) and Young Jeezy (not as young anymore, strictly Jeezy now). This track had middle school dances JUMPIN’. You may have even got beaked relentlessly for putting “I’m So Paid” as the header on your phone… not mentioning any names. Now sit back, relax, and reminisce with a 90’s kid throwback banger.

Akon- I’m So Paid ft. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy

two words: one love



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