RLGT Up-Next: Jarreau Vandal

Up-Next will be a new series on redleafgoldteeth where we spotlight a few up and coming artists doing dope stuff. Not necessarily unsigned, you might have heard of some of them, but these are artists putting out awesome content who we feel you definitely should know about. Once again, like are reviews we are going to keep these spotlights short and sweet. Less reading, more listening and enjoying.

Today’s artist is Jarreau Vandal, a young DJ out of the Netherlands, who describes his genre as “forget genres”.  After listening for a few hours to his feed I couldn’t honestly come up with an appropriate genre besides “pure electronic dopeness”. No wubs and “ayy’s”, his sound is closer to future house, just smooth, synthy reworks and remixes of some awesome stuff, and some amazing originals. His choice of pieces is truly phenomenal.Vandal puts out most of his music on his soundcloud, where he has amassed 15000+ followers. Some of his biggest tracks include a remix of G-Eazy’s song “Lets Get Lost” which is actually the first time I had ever heard his music. If you haven’t heard the original you will think that this is the original, and if you have heard the original, well, you will probably wonder why this wasn’t the original. Personally, I had it in the rotation for months before I delved into more of his tracks on soundcloud, before finding myself in awe of the amount of crazy stuff coming from his page. Instant share. Peep below for some of his standout tracks (including a biggie rework) and leave a follow on his soundcloud as I’m sure more magic will be released soon.

Lets Get Lost (Jarreau Vandal rework)

Jarreau Vandal ft. Ashley Röttjers – Two Weeks (FKA Twigs cover)

FCKUTNGHT ft. Danderson

hit up Jarreau on Twitter for more.

two words: one love

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