12 Hours Left To Order A Raging Mammoth Sabertooth, Drinking Tool!

The bros at Raging Mammoth have been engineer some pretty awesome stuff for all beer drinkers alike for a couple of years now. Back in my first year of university my friends and I stumbled across their original product, the Beer Tusk, a tool designed to create perfect shotgun holes, and open beer bottles. Back then it was a pretty awesome invention, but was clear it could use a little tweaking.

Now finally, Raging Mammoth have introduced the Sabre Tooth which is basically a next gen Beer Tusk. This time around they dropped the bulky size, made it easier to open beers and shotgun, and not it can even make flow holes in the told of cans and open tabs. This time it really is “the Ultimate Beer Drinker’s Tool”!

Check out the video below on how it works, and be sure to go support their Kickstarter campaign here if you want one of your own! Trust me when I say, its perfect for all college bros,  AND it ships to Canada for 20$ for 1, or 28$ for 2!

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