RLGT x #TBT: Lil Wayne – No Ceilings

With all the buzz around release dates, waiting for Sorry For The Wait 2 (And probably #3 as well if this Free Weezy album falls through, which wouldn’t be surpsing), and the MUCH anticipated Tha Carter V, RLGT decided its only fitting to throwwww it way back to 2009 when Wayne dropped his No Ceilings mixtape.

Todays featured TBT track is the self titled single, “No Ceilings” (AKA Cool N Dre, AKA Pop That?) ft. Birdman. Wayne bodies the first verse. Period. Birdman does his thing too. I remember the first time I heard this track playing it on repeat until I had this part memorized:

I’m a Eastside nigga, yeah, Eastside, nigga
Where the muthafucking beef gets deep-fried, nigga

Nigga couldn’t see me with three eyes, nigga
You’s a bitch: no U-N-I-T-Y, nigga
On the mic I’m like Pac, I’m like B-I, nigga
Whoever don’t agree come and see my nigga
I’ll be waiting in my mansion, seaside nigga
Young muthafucking M-O-N-E-Y, nigga

Indulge with the classic 90’s kid throwback below, and let us know if this brings you back at all. Let us know what track you think we should feature next week when we throwback a Big Sean track in honor of #DSP.


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