Monthly Reminder That Niykee Heaton Is Still Bae

If you are a guy (honestly girls too) and you don’t know who Niykee Heaton is… then I feel very sorry that you have been neglected for the last year and a half. If this is the case all I will say is click THIS LINK which will take you to her instagram. You will then scroll down her feed, stopping to wipe off the drool. You will then click follow. You will in turn never need to follow another person on Instagram ever. (If you are too tough for Instagram, you will want to make a fake account just to follow her, trust me)


(Chugs a Gatorade, quenches thirst) Anyways, now that you know she is the most attractive girl on the planet, you should probably also know that she in an amazing artist, who gained most of her notoriety putting up acoustic covers of Hip Hop songs on her Youtube (+2 hot points). Yesterday, she published her cover of Fetty Wap’s popular song “Trap Queen”.

Watch the video below and try not to fall in love (because she is mine). Look out for her in the near future on out Up-Next segment as well!

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