RLGT x #TBT: Big Sean – Too Fake ft. Chiddy Bang

In honour of Big Sean week at RLGT, in anticipation of Dark Sky Paradise (edit: leaked a week early, link here), it was only fitting that we made this weeks 90’s kid TBT track a classic banger from Sean Don himself.

Big-Sean-2-e1275956448400(above: my profile picture back in 2011 after listening to this mixtape)

The year is 2010 and recent GOOD music signee Big Sean is riding high off success from his mixtape Finally Famous Vol. 2: U Know Big Sean. He drops the much anticipated, final mixtape in the Finally Famous series, simply called BIG. A few standout tracks get attention nationwide including “What You Doin; (Bullshittin’)”, and “Supa Dupa Lemonade” (toted for starting “hashtag” flow, the same flow that made Drake famous on “Forever”), but no tracks as bouncy, catchy, and reminiscent of modern day Sean’s energy than “Too Fake”. The Xaphoon Jones track featured fellow up-and-comers Chiddy Bang and was infectious from first play. If you have a memory like mine you will remember exactly the first time you heard it, or at least when you used to bump it. For me, I remember my first time (feeling like I’m telling my boys about my other first time… but I’ll save that for a later date). It was Grade 11, in early 2011 (a little late to the party), in study hall because they wouldn’t grant me a spare until the 12th grade. It was almost summer break and I had just come across Big Sean for the second time (Glenwood was the first Sean track I ever heard). Since that very day he’s remained in my top 3. Not many artists I can say that about.

Scope “Too Fake” below, and let me know if you remember your first time listening to your first track by one of your favourite artists at the moment. Reminisce with me in the comments!

Two words: one love

-big hosp

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