Proximity Music Now Accepting Demo Submissions!

Electronic lovers from all over have had the pleasure to enjoy new music almost daily from Proximity music on Youtube for the last couple of years. They have transformed into one of the biggest free music channels on Youtube, with over 1.4 million subscribers and 223+ million views. If you have been making music. hoping one day to see your music on a channel like this, now is your chance. Proximity is now opeing up submissions to the public, meaning producers can submit tracks that they have created via ToneDen for a chance to be uploaded on Proximity!

(Above: One of my favourite new songs I heard on Proximity, Milk N Cookies – Monster (Totally Normal Remix)

This is a huge chance for all artists looking for their shot! Just the other day, a DJ I have been listening to for years, DJ Trademark got his first upload on Proximity and has been blowing up since. If you think you are ready for your shot, submit your songs here! Good luck, and don’t forget about RLGT when you are famous. #DreamsComeTrue

Two Words: One Love,


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