RLGT 100 Word Reviews: Drake – If You Are Reading This Its Too Late

You already know how we like to do it here at RLGT, we like to keep it short and sweet. Reviews are like sex, they shouldn’t take more than 3 and a half minutes to finish, and someone will probably be upset when its over. (edit: a couple women just messaged me and apparently that’s not how its supposed to go… apologies to my ex’s). Lets hop right into our review on a project you probably should’ve heard by now, because If You Are Reading This Its Too Late (IYARTITL).

2013 NBA All-Star Game(Drizzy knows RLGT got jokes though…)

100 words, starting now:

Toronto’s unoffical mayor Drizzy Drake brings exactly what the fans expect by now on his latest project, IYARTITL. Honestly, I could sum this review up in 6 words instead of 100; “If I die I’m a legend” (quote from intro track, “Legend”). The project isn’t breathtaking, and its definitely something we’ve heard before, but as proven, we love it. As we now know, it actually was supposed to be free, but businessman Aubrey used it to get himself out of a shady deal. Either way this just makes us more excited for Views From The 6, due later this year. (Word count: 100, cuz I’m cool like that)

Standout tracks: 10 Bands, Know Yourself, You and the 6, 6 man… I could continue…

Rating: 8.25/10

If you live under a rock, stream the project in its entirety, here.

If this doesn’t make you excited for 2015, I don’t know what will. We’re just gonna have to wait and see. Buckle up.

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