Will 2015 be the return of Charles Hamilton?

If you were around the internet hip-hop culture back in ’09, you’ll remember the 2009 XXL Freshman list as being the most hype collection of newcomers to hit the scene up until that point.

You had Cudi, Wale, Asher, B.o.B, Blue CurrenSy and of course, Mr Charles Hamilton.

I made the call six years ago that Charles and Cudi would be the two guys that would have the largest impacts on music, its safe to say I nailed it on one account, and I can honestly say I haven’t lost faith that I’ll eventually be 2/2 on my prediction.

We can’t blame Charles for not trying, the man has one of the largest music collections the internet has ever seen, however; it looks like after years and years of controversy we might finally get a real debut from the Harlem MC.

He’s stated that he’s done posting free projects online, he’s got a fresh new record deal with Republic Records, and a brand new single with Rita Ora that he recently performed live at the Sayers Club in New York.

Peep the performance down below and wait it out with me to see whether Charles Hamilton finally puts it all together, and becomes the artist we all know he has the potential to become.



– husson z

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