Monday Motivation: Life and Dreams

We know the week can be tough (especially for Albertan students who had last week off), so we thought we’d bring y’all a little motivation (?) to start y’all off on this wonderrrrful Monday morning. (I put the question mark in there, because I find this video motivating, but some might just find it depressing depending on how you look at things)

Anyways, some of y’all might be familar with this video, its about 2 years old, from the YouTube channel “HotdamnIrock3”, which is Kain Carter’s (of “HotdamnIrock” fame) second channel. If you aren’t familiar with Kain or his personal channel, check it out. He is absolutely HILARIOUS, and he drops real knowledge in the process, I suggest checking out his video “What Men Really Want” if you want a taste of his channel and a good laugh. On his second channel he sometimes tends to be a little more serious, and that’s what this video is about.

“Are you living your life right now…or are you just existing?”

This is the question he asks, to the friend he is talking about in the video, and to the viewers out there. The first time I watched this video was back when I was in my first year of university, living on my own, a province away for about 3 months at this time, and it really hit home when he talked about the reasons people go to college, taking chances, and finding your real passion. I’ve been more than fortunate in my life to find many things that I love, and specifically relating to university, find a faculty that I LOVE, that allows me to do the thing I love to do more than anything; create. It took me over a year and a half to take the step and switch faculties, from the prestigious Business faculty, to Arts where communications is located. I know now that it was the right decision now, and I WILL do something meaningful with my life. These types of things don’t always work out, some people chase their dreams forever and never make it, but to be that cliche asshole, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Long story short, you’ve seen the hashtag already, now embrace it. #dreamscometrue

I’ll quit my lecturing now and let you check out the video and decipher it for yourself. I hope this, or whatever it is helps you find that motivation to do anything you set your mind too, even if it starts with the little steps like getting through this week.

Two words: one love,


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