RLGT 100 Word Review: Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise

I’m a huge Big Sean fan so I wish I could give y’all a little bit more, but this isn’t about me, and you already know. Short and Sweet. 100 words, staaaaarting, NOW:


We all knew Detroit’s hardest working rapper Big Sean had something to prove with his newest album Dark Sky Paradise. I’ll be the first to say, mission accomplished. After HOF let many fans down, we were left wondering when Finally Famous Sean would return. Well, he didn’t return. He came back even better than ever. DSP has amazing features, crazy production, and Sean provides an awesome balance of feelings. Bangers to story-telling, hell, even the bonus cuts are dope. Sean is finally on top of the rap game right now. Its safe to say he is Finally Famous. (Word count: 98. UHHH)

Rating: 8.75/10 (yes, I think it’s better than the Drake tape)

Standout tracks: “All Your Fault” ft. Kanye (IF YOU LISTEN TO ANYTHING, LISTEN TO THIS), “I Know” ft. Jhene Aiko, “Research” ft. Ariana Grande

I know I have yet to give a really bad rating, but that’s just because I have amazing fucking taste. Jokes, but for real this year’s big name albums have all come through for the most part. Full Speed might be the only album that hasn’t really delivered for me , personally, so far. Lets hope this year stays hot!

Two words: one love,


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