RLGT Style: Color In The Cold (#outfitgrid) █♣█

We know how big of a part fashion is of urban culture, and we know Canadians have a distinctly dope style. RLGT style will be highlighting this with outfit grids, and hopefully we’ll have some models to help us out soon, as well as just stopping people we see rocking awesome, original things. Culture is everywhere and we want to bring it to you in ever way possible!

redleafgoldteeth style: Color In The Cold

One of my biggest pet peeves about living in a winter city, is the eminent grayness. Gray skies, gray roads, and worst of all gray clothing. GRAY EVERYWHERE. Its seems like the colder it gets, the more bland the fashion becomes around Calgary. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with keeping it lowkey every once in a while (you’ll see on the next post), but its almost as if everyone is dressing out the same closet, same store. Its as if every girl is rocking the same Aritzia wardrobe, and all the dudes on the same shit from H & M and Urban Outfitters. Sometimes you’ve gotta show some personality and add some color. Trust me, nobody will be mad at you for brightening up the day by adding a little color to your Winter wardrobe.


On this day you can see I kept it pretty Neutral with most of my colors, but I found some ways to add a little color to it by incorporating some of my favourite pieces (You’ll often see my call a clothing, or music “pieces” to me, because to me this stuff really is art)

  • Tie Dye Hoodie by Dope Boy Magic Chicago
  • Zanerobe Joggers (All about the joggers, lmao, word to Dan)
  • Denim Jacket (I think its from AE, don’t really know, got it for Xmas)
  • Safari PRM Huarache from Nike
  • Stussy Bucket (one thing you should know, I LOVE buckets)

My favorite part of this fit, is the hoodie (or “bunny hug” if you are from Sask) from DBM. Although you can’t actually cop em in Canada, I had to get it (tip: if you order from the states have it sent to american relatives, or a P.O. box if you live near the border to save yourself some cash). The hoodie is comfortable as a muhhh, and is the easiest was to stay warm and add color. I can rock it with an all black fit and it still looks dope.


It ain’t about how much your stuff cost, its all about how you put yourself together. I’m not about buying 300 APC blank white tees, and all that exclusive shit. Me and the people I’m with don’t need to stunt, it isn’t about money. Be yourself, find what you like and you’ll look good. And when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you wheel good. *shmoney dances to self*

Stay fresh y’all, and let me know in the comments what you think of the fit, and how you add color to your winter fits!

Two words: one love,


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