RLGT x #TBT: k-os – ELEctrik HeaT – the seekwiLL █♣█

The year is 2006, and Canadian hip-hop artist k-os (pronounced “chaos”) is prepping the Canadian release (the global release would follow a few months later) of his newest album Atlantis: Hymns For Disco. The album recieves great reviews thoughout, and even reaches #5 on Billboard’s heatseekers chart. Many songs standout and help grow Kevin from Heavens fan-base, including “Sunday Morning“,  but none more infectious than the eccentrically named opening track “ELEctrik HeaT – the seekwiLL”.


K dash raps over the old school breakdance beat with seamless flow:

“Its the return, burn like a supernova
Spit the plates, the great debates over
Dont rush, take it easy, slow down
Earth is a space ship spinning round and round
Were in it, together, we can make it better
Don’t sweat a, thing swing with no vendetta
I rhyme in a graph style, carve every letter
To move every B-boy king like Coretta”

A couple albums later and a few big tracks,  k-os remains true to the art. If you didn’t catch where there weeks TBT came from, it is because k-os will be performing among many big names at the Squamish Valley Music Festival this August (peep that lineup here)! RLGT has just bought tickets and will officially be headed out to take in the festivities. Look for us rocking some redleafgoldteeth tees and if we actually have added you to our fan-base by then, come and say whats up! Hopefully we’ll even get to chop it up with a couple canadian acts down there, including k-os

Scope the throw back below (can’t actually believe this song was published 9 years ago…) and let us know of it brings back any memories. Do you remember hearing any cool tracks back in the day and then end up see the track performed live?

Two words: one love


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