Why The World Needs Man On The Moon 3


It’s been a little over a month since Cudi took to twitter to announce that the band was getting back together for the third instalment of the Man on the Moon series, and the anticipation from Cudi fans is starting to build, real fast.

Cudi has been fairly active on twitter over the last few weeks, teasing with studio shots and the word all Kid Cudi fans have learned to despise, “soon.”

Knowing that both Plain Pat, Emile, Dot and Ratatat are all rumoured contribution possibilities for the project, and that its been nearly five years since we heard the last chapter of the story, its safe too say that its now Scott’s time to answer the critics.

WZRD, Indicud and Satellite Flight were all critically underwhelming to say the least (I loved all three of em’, but hey, what do I know?) and Cudi knows it.

I think its pretty safe to assume that Cudder has no real regrets of the path he’s taken musically and artistically, he’s one of the rare pure artists that will shine regardless of the lane he choses to head down, but as one of Cudi’s biggest fans around, I’m in the very front of the MOTM3 thirst line.

The first two albums played a huge role in my life, and I’ll always respect the direction Scott choses to take artistically, but we need to hear the last chapter of what will go down as one the greatest stories that music will ever hear.

We’re patiently waiting Scott, and we know you won’t disappoint.

– husson z

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