Varsity Blues: The Downfalls of Canadian College Culture (Part 1/5) █♣█

We’ve all seen the movies. Van Wilder, Animal House, American Pie, etc. We’ve all heard the stories. 1000 people parties, huge concerts, amazing sports, the works. This, is what college is supposed to be like (or at least that’s what we are taught, somehow). Lets just take a look at a video from the popular YouTube channel “I’m Shmacked”, which basically goes around the United States and documents what college life is like down there.

Looks surprisingly like the movies right? Well by now, many of us have had some sort of post secondary experience in Canada (most 90’s kids atleast), and for some reason this isn’t the experience most of us get. Obviously videos like that exaggerate what life is really like, and clearly isn’t an everyday thing, but at some point you have to realize that many things you see in these videos would never be possible at a Canadian University. I am very interested in College culture, and I want to know why.

Through these movies, stories (I have had multiple friends attending D1 schools in the US), and videos, I’ve narrowed it down to 3 main differences between the American and Canadian college experience. These are Sports, Greek Life, and Frat Rap/Music Culture. (I wanted to include “girls” as another topic, but imma hold back the saltiness for now)

UPDATE: Check out part one (Intro), two (Sports), and three (Greek Life) of Varsity Blues!

Over the next couple weeks I will attempt to break down these differences and try to see why. They will come out every couple of days (not stretched out once a week because we aren’t Noisey… smh, still waiting for the new Noisey Atlanta episode). The objective of this series is plainly to understand why, and hopefully incite change, even if just in the slightest. As unfortunate as it is, as much as I have loved my first 3 years of University, if someone told me they had a chance to go to an American D1 school and wanted my opinion, there is now way I would be able to truthfully tell them they will enjoy themselves more at a Canadian institution. Every story has 2 sides, which is why the final article in the series will be focused on the awesome parts of going to school in this wonderful country.

Hope this gets y’all interested, and that you can stick with me through exploring this large part of the lifestyle for many of us! Keep the comments coming over the next few pieces and let me know what your opinion is on the topic, I’m interested in some other opinions as well.

Two words: one love


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