RLGT 100 Word Review: Chris Brown & Tyga – Fan Of A Fan 2 (#FOAF2)

red leaf, gold teeth, keep it short, keep it sweet (RLGT got bars). You know how we like to do our reviews here, 100 words only, staaaaarting…. NOW:


Chris Brown & Tyga – Fan Of A Fan 2

Similar to the #Sremmlife’s, and other albums before it, Chris Brown & Tyga’s Fan Of A Fan 2 was not expected to come equipped with deep, meaningful bars. Straight brodie music is what should have been expected, and that’s what we got. Bouncy Mustard-esque bangers for mobbing with the boys, and a few soft Breezy led love-making tracks for those late night Mt. Tolmie trips with the bae (AHHAGHAHAGGHAH). Overall, the album came across as a little dull, with only a few tracks that really stood out, but still decent for what it was intended to be. (Word count: 97, damn I’m good)

Rating: 7/10

Standout Tracks: It’s Yo Shit ft. Wale (My Personal Favourite), Westside, D.G.I.F.U. (If you’re a Hypebeast)… & Bitches and Marijuana? (Like I said… not real many standouts)

Overall, Breezy and T-Rawww leave a bit to be desired, but still deliver a decent showing, definitely not a disaster which can happen with the collaboration tapes. Should have been a free mixtape in my opinion. No ones going to like the same stuff as the next person, but I can appreciate it for what its worth. If this was 2014 we would have some real hype around this tape, but with all the great music coming out this falls a little short (not the worst problem to have).

Keep it locked to RLGT to see whats next! Request some albums you want us to reviews below!

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