Watch: Yung Lean & Thaiboy Digital – Diamonds

Music, along with all art, is subjective. And that’s the beauty. I may not be the biggest fan of something, while someone may absolutely love something. That’s why we live to post a variety of different stuff on RLGT so that you might get a chance to hear some new stuff that you might not get on the radio or on the big music sites.

[Seamless segway into story that I’m still salty about] I once got told by a random at MY OWN HOUSE PARTY, that my music taste was “basic” because I didn’t have enough Yung Lean on my phone. True story. So in the hopes of not being too basic here at redleafgoldteeth, I have brought for you all today, some NEW Yung Lean!


The funny thing is I actually really like some of Yung Lean’s music, with my personal favourite being Kyoto (because it BANGS). Today the Swedish rapper and Thaiboy Digital dropped off a new video for us, for the track Diamonds. The track was produced by White Armour and if off of the newest project, Tiger.

Peep the new visuals below, and if you dig it, consider checking out Thaiboy’s Tiger on iTunes! Are you feeling Yung Lean, are you a Sad Boy (2001)?

2 thoughts on “Watch: Yung Lean & Thaiboy Digital – Diamonds

  1. Hi, I’m Taylor, i made the drawing you used as a header 2 years ago. I was just wondering if you are making any commerce or money off of it. If not, no problem, Just put up credit for the header image. If you are, can i kindly request you take it down.

    here’s the original image on my deviantART account.

    here’s my account.

    -Taylor Bostock.


    1. Hey there,
      I’m not making any money off of this at all, but your request is completely fair and I’ll remove the photo. Impressive work by the way.



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