RLGT Mix: Top Party Songs (Feb-March)

As commented a few times before, one of my favourite pastimes is making mixes on 8tracks. I’m no DJ or anything, but I enjoy spending my free time checking out new music, and it should be noted my favourite thing in the world is when someone shares music with me. 8tracks is a great site because you can put all of your favourite music in 1 place and not have to worry about having it downloaded to your phone, and you can separate music for different occasions.

Today I have my newest mix, its a college themed party mix (my specialty), and its called “Shmacked: We Do This All Day”. Shamcked is the name of my party mix series (named after I’m Shmacked of course), so if you look other other mixes on my account you will find all my party mixes with Shmacked titles!

Check out my newest mix below, and I hope when you need pre-game music for the weekend you know where to look (http://8tracks.com/hospey, duh). Leave some comments, and let me know which songs you’d like to hear next month!


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