RLGT Up-Next: YONAS – Take Me To Church (Remix)

Today, YONAS lets go of his “Take Me To Church” remix, and its plain amazing! Listen to that below.

I feel as though a little back story is necessary since YONAS is such a humble, hard-working artist.

New York, New York. Where stars are born. This story is no different.

Since the age of 5 years old, Yonas Mellesse, better known by thousands of fans simply as YONAS, has been creating. The New York native was enrolled into a violin class as a child, but after becoming inspired by the culture of the big city around him quickly switched his focus to creating hip-hop music. Even today, at age 27, his musicality is still very evident by the way he is able to pull multiple productions together to create phenomenal remixes and originals, which he has been publishing on his soundcloud for 3 years, and even longer on his YouTube channel. Always incorporating innovative new sounds and techniques, YONAS really is the leader of the new class of hip-hop’s evolution.

Personally, I come from a gaming background a few years back, and I specifically can target the first time I heard a Yonas song. The YouTube gaming community has some of the best music taste in my opinion, because they spend hours searching for the best, uncopyrighted, unsigned artists daily (because they can’t dub their videos with copyrighted, big name artists). The video was FaZe Ramos’ 10th Episode, and featured “I Could” by YONAS. I instantly dug his style, and searched the web for more. Not too long after, YONAS dropped his mixtape, The Transition. This is when I knew this dude was for real.This tape also featured another pretty big underground artist, maybe you might have heard of him, his name is Logic.

Trayvon in a hoodie, that could easily be me
I’m looking at the sky, like “how evil this could be?”
Where’s Jesus when you need him when we bleeding in these streets
That’s why I pack a semi-auto when I’m speeding in my jeep

Since then YONAS has continued to drop crazy new music frequently, mostly remixes, some originals, and a few more tapes including The Transition 2. Personally I can definitely see YONAS taking a Big Sean-esque path with his Transition mixtape series, since his following is already great, and loyal one. Trust me, when you listen to him if you haven’t before, you’ll wonder why you haven’t.

YONAS is up-next, and we are anxious to see what he will accomplish in the 2015. I can tell you from online experiences he is one of the most humble dudes out there, while remaining one of the hardest working.

Check YONAS out on his Soundcloud, Facebook, & Twitter, and let him know that RLGT sent you!

Two words: one love,


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