The Hundreds “Constellation Pack” Spring 2015 Collection

The Hundreds is one of our biggest inspirations here at RLGT. Toted as “the worlds first social merchandising company”, the Hundreds took its online magazine and turned it into an expansive brand with awesome concepts and collabs, which is very similar to what we hope to achieve one day here at redleafgoldteeth. I personally hope to have our own collab with the Hundreds one day… so Ben or Bobby if you are reading this, keep an eye out on us!

Today the brand returns with a pretty cool new concept that they are calling the “Constellation pack”:

“The Hundreds’ Spring 2015 Collection’s “Constellation” pattern is a nod to late night hikes through the mountains of Sante Fe, where the collection was designed and finalized.

“Constellation” attempts to capture the ethereal presence of a sky untainted by city lights. See every piece from The Hundreds Spring 2015 that features the pattern below.” via The Hundreds website

Pretty cool idea I’d say, and the execution was even better. The “Constellation Pack” print will be available on a variety of different items, including Hats, Tee, and Shirts. See more of the collection on the Hundreds site, and look for it in the stores soon!


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