Open Letter: Thank You Scott Mescudi

Don’t be so down, c’mon young homie

You’ll be okay, you’ll find real love

All of the stories, the hero gets lonely

Now is the time to show what you’re made of

Just a little less than a week after I made a post about why the world needed MOTM3, Cudi came out with a new track, a track that will undoubtedly become an anthem for me, and all the kids like me, for years to come.

“Love”, is everything we’ve come to know and truly cherish about Scott’s Music. It’s all there, the singing, the melodies, the uplifting message, and to top it all off, the classic Ratatat sample.

If there’s one thing that this track focuses on particularly, it’s the message. If you take a look back, you’ll realize something about Kid Cudi and his art, it’s always been about just that, the message.

Remember that time you walked home from your first day of high school and listened to “Man on the Moon” (The Anthem)? I do.

Remember those times you put on “Day N Night” just to forget about all the shit that was on your mind at that particular time? I do.

Remember when you left “All Along” on repeat the first time you got played out by some girl? I do. 

Remember when you listened to “Love” for the first time, and all the memories of what Kid Cudi’s music has done for your life, came rushing back? I do. 

If there’s one thing that I can’t say for anyone else in this world except for Scott, it’s that he’s the only person that I’ve never actually met, but have always felt like I’ve truly known.

I can only hope that one day, I will say or write something on behalf of the thousands of kids like me, that will get across to Scott, and he’ll feel the genuine and raw appreciation flow through him.

Thank you once again, Scott.

– husson z

7 thoughts on “Open Letter: Thank You Scott Mescudi

  1. When it comes to Kid Cudi, it doesn’t matter your favorite genre of music, or your age, or your background. The dude is the messiah of modern day Hip Hop. I remember the first time I started going through middle school and things were getting rough Scott would always be a click away. The way his music uplifts others is amazing and I haven’t found another artist that can do it like Cudi.
    Truly amazing


  2. I agree whole heartedly. I was feeling a bit down and out, saw “Love” on my Facebook feed. Clicked the link, listened to it and was washed of all my negativity and depressed thoughts by a wave of love and helpful c’mon little Homie Don’t be so down. That’s all I needed to hear. Thank you for this Scott and Hospey


    1. Wish I could take credit, but this was all my writing partner, Husson! Trust me though, everyone here at RLGT can relate to this post. We all connected in one way or another!


  3. Same. The feels. I adore his music so much I spent a month working on a cartoon to one of his songs. And HE WATCHED IT. AND TOLD ME HE LOVES IT. Which, obviously… Just made me love him more.


  4. I know I can’t say anything that probably hasn’t already been said but kid cudi can’t be described as a musician or an artist kid cudi is a feeling a movement he’s there for anyone who needs to get back up after a fall just turn on pursuit of happiness or all along or red eye youll immediately just escape into your own mind and feel like nothing matters but the music thank you for everything you do kid cudi
    My life wouldn’t be the same without you


  5. Aaahh, that was really nice, I know for myself that I can put on my headphones and blast the Cudder and forget all about what I was worried, stressed or depressed about. I truly hope he appreciates your letter cause is speaks from the heart of all the Kid Cudi fans. Much Respect.


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