RLGT Style: Keep It Simple, Stupid (#outfitgrid) █♣█

redleafgoldteeth style praises Canadian fashion. In this segment we show you what we are currently rocking, and give a couple tips along the way. Be inspired by the world around you, but put your own twist on it. Be a tastemaker not a tastetester

RLGT Style: Keep It Simple, Stupid (The KISS rule)

We’ve all seen it before. That one kid who does THE MOST, every damn day.  This is the kid who dipped into his rich parents bank account and wears the $300 leather & snakeskin snapback, with the $200 Supreme hoodie, the $450 tastefully torn retro but not really Jeans, and the Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0’s, EVERY, DAMN, DAY (Or some variation, basically he or she resembles this guy). Like I said last week, there is a time and place for everything, and no rule can fit all situations, but sometimes the best thing to do is just keep it simple, or as one of my teachers used to call it, the KISS rule (Keep.It.Simple.Stupid).

Last week (find that one under the “fashion” tab on the menu) we showed you how to incorporate some color into your everyday wardrobe. If you aren’t a big tie-dye, dirty vans guy (you know who you are) we got something for you too. Some days you just want to stay lowkey, and that’s when simple and clean is the only way to go.


On this day I once again stayed with some pretty neutral colors. Can never go wrong with a black-heavy fit. Here I added subtle colors throughout, but kept it unique and clean.

  • Plain Black Baseball Jersey by On The Byas
  • Grey Joggers by Modern Amusement
  • Black on Black Snapback by The Hundreds (One of my FAVOURITE, and admittedly over-worn brands)
  • Safari PRM Air Huarache’s by Nike (WEAR YOUR SHOES YOU DAMN HYPEBEASTS)
  • Socks by HUF (cuz I’m cool like that)

My two favourite parts of the fit are definitely the tee and the joggers, funny enough both from Pac-Sun down in the States. I swear I’m not that dude, I just happen to live near the border and have family in Seattle, plus the deals down there are crazy. Got the baseball tee at the outlets in Portland for under 30$, and the Joggers for 50$ in Seattle. In Canada its hard to find decent jogger pants for less than 100$, and these are great quality and happen to be my favourite because you don’t see many Grey colored joggers from the other big brands.


 (Thin, all black baseball tee. Easy to layer over a plain black tee and add some variety. Sol rocked a white one at a concert I went to, and that inspired my style for this particular piece)image3

 (Closer pic of the Grey Joggers from Modern Amusement. Also, the accessories for this day. Love Nixon because they are stylish enough for people our age, and won’t make you break the bank + Gold tipped Rastaclat to match. Again, accessories are another great way to add subtle color and personality)

I can’t reiterate it enough, the price of your clothes DOESN’T MATTER, although I personally would not hate on people who spend the money, but can pull it off. “Jealousy should only make you want to work harder”, or in this case dress better. Don’t break the bank trying to look like someone you saw on TV because you want to imitate. Find stuff that fits your budget, and your lifestyle. Realistically, you don’t need the show off to go to school anyways.

Keep it simple, be confident, and wear what you like and soon you will start to notice your own fashion sense improving. Trust me. You are your harshest critic.

The more you K.I.S.S., they more they will. Stay fashionable y’all! And hit me up on Instagram to see my fits and fashion more frequently, @Ho5pey (because “Hospey” was taken, SMH).

Two words: One Love,


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