Watch: Raz Simone – Them ft. Fatal Lucciauno

“I’m a nigga. But not because I’m black. It’s just one of those things that you either are, or you aren’t. And not that thats the way our culture is, you got all different types of cultures, you got hip hop culture, you got internet culture, so you got all different types of niggas. White niggas, brown niggas, black niggas, all different types of niggas”

Seattle’s realest, Raz Simone comes back today with another powerful freebie; Trust me when I say powerful. I’ve been fortunate enough to see Raz live, and he’s just straight up got it -more on that later though, we’ll be featuring Raz in our Up-Next segment, soon. “Them” features Raz and Fatal Lucciauno chronicling the city that they hail from, and in a broader sense the entire country and the struggles faced by people who embrace these lifestyles that he speaks of. Raz’s style for those unfamiliar, comes across as more of a conscious spoken word rather than typical rap flows, and his raspy voice connects it all perfectly.

Raz will be releasing his newest album tomorrow, titled Macklemore Privilege & Chief on Keef Violence for free download at his site, In the mean time, I recommend that you check out his Cognitive Dissonance mixtape series. Purely amazing, I assure you that you will be hearing more from this dude very soon!

Check out the new video below! One of the hardest working out, and as humble as any, if he gains a new fan today let him know RLGT sent you.

UPDATE: Like we said, humblest out there.

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