The Best Canadian Songs via Complex (Feb-March) █♣█

Those (us) damn Canucks are back at it again… influencing the culture even though the world don’t want to admit it. Personally, I’ve been commenting on every Noisey video trying to get a Noisey Canada segment made. With the dudes coming out of the North like Drake, PND, Lanez, P.Reign, Classified, etc, its pretty clear we’ve been making our mark on the industry. Anyways, enough Saltiness for today, lets get on with the music!

Via Complex: “At the end of every month, we round up the songs and music videos by Canadians that made us feel some type of way. Throw some headphones on, kick back, and catch up on the gems you might have missed this month”

Complex Canada has a pretty cool little series where they showcase the best new music from Canadians each month. They’ve got the stuff like Drizzy and Lanez that many of us have heard, but they also got the super cool underground stuff that even some of us here at RLGT haven’t been up on yet like Prince Innocence (who recruits Kilo Kish for an awesome remix), and Daniel Ceaser who showcases his smooth abilities over an HMLT edit (hear both of those below).

Peep that whole list over at Complex now, and let us know which one you liked the best! If you are feeling one of these awesome artists especially, let us know who you want to see on a future segment of up-next, in our comment section!

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