Omar LinX Brings Content Back to Canadian Hip-Hop █♣█

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, this independent rapper remains largely unknown despite his unique talent to mix melodic samples, drum synths, and his gruff and powerful voice in order to create a very pronounced (dark, but not invasive) sound.

His debut mixtape titled A Cold Welcome shows everyone just how dark he can get with the mood in the track “Kill Move.” In his album City of Ommz, we witness Omar’s ability to exploit melodic, female-voiced samples in his music to lighten and compliment his own voice surprisingly well, and it spoke volumes of how much potential his music has.

His pairing with acclaimed veteran electronic group Zeds Dead (also from Toronto) in 2012 brought forth the collaborative mixtape Victor. Omar’s unnoticed talent and Zeds Dead’s vast selection of samples and production skills truly marries electronic and hip-hop, giving birth to sounds new to many ears – exemplified by “No Prayers” and “You and I” off the Victor mixtape.

His most recent album, titled “M.O.R.” (Music or Revenge) dropped this December, with more production courtesy of Zeds Dead, and they were not alone on the production of the album, Arthur McArthur got production credits as well, and he has notably produced for Drake, Rick Ross, Big Sean, Logic, and many more.

Another big name landing on this album is Pro Logic, arguably one of the most sought after sound engineers in Canada. Safe to say that things are looking up for Omar, and that more and more eyes watch him as he confidently climbs the stairs to widespread recognition.

Notable Oldies: Cowboy, Little Moment, Jackie Boy, Drop The World

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