Journal: Love; A Response to Christine de Pisan

Hey y’all, so today I am bringing you another one of my academic writing assignments from school, that I was able to incorporate a little bit of a modern spin onto, that I thought you might be interested. In there assignments, we are asked to read ancient texts and respond to them, both critically, and personally. I was able to respond to a story by Christine de Pisan about a young duke who falls in love with a married woman, and they must decide what to do because even though they know it is “wrong” they are still very much in love. For better context, you might want to check that quick story out, its not too long. This is apart of a class with one of the coolest, most knowledgeable professors I have ever had the chance to take lectures with. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy, this one is only about a page in a half so check it out! It has some pretty personal stuff in there, but that is why I love it, I think anyone can relate… and if you can’t, go listen to “Love” by Kid Cudi and see if that can draw out some emotion for you.

Two words: one love



Journal : Response to the Book of the Duke of True Lovers by Christine De Pisan


The fundamental cultural assumption (FCA) in Christine de Pisan’s “Book of the Duke and True Lovers”, is that love is a force of freedom that challenges any other power.

Supporting Quote:

A quote that supports my FCA is “When bedtime came, I lay down in a comfortable bed, but I don’t believe I slept more than an hour and a half. I think I was afraid that she for whom I felt such sweet longing for might not think about things as I did”. This quote is just one example explaining the power of love. The pain of and fear of un-reciprocated love is enough to keep one up all night. The saying “love will make you do crazy things” could not be more true. The young duke in the story realizes he has love for someone who he feels can never love him back so it keeps him up at night. Though he is warned, he feels he must pursue this love. “I became so filled with love that I do not know what more to say with it and lacked from that time on the quiet and pleasurable peace of mind which I had enjoyed before”.

It can be amazing how such a wonderful feeling can be the reason for so much pain in many people. This is why I say that no other power has the same effect. The only power that could even be comparable is hate, although I would argue that the actions that hate creates “seem” more justified, for some reason. As strange as it is, killing over hate is perceived as more “normal” than killing over love, but then again hate is often caused by love. Love can make one feel more enslaved or free than any sort of structured thing could ever make us feel. Perhaps that is the most beautiful thing about love, is that it is unstructured. There are no rules on how to love something, or someone. Every love is different and this is why it is so strong. It is the one thing in the universe that truly cannot be explained.

Critically this story (the story plot at least) could easily hold true in today’s times. Every day in the new you hear about something someone did out of  love. Not always bad, but not always good either. You hear of people killing people who refused to love them, people finding unexpected love, and people doing deeds out of the feeling of love.

Personally, I also agree with this notion. An embarrassing thing for many to admit is doing stupid things for love. I too am guilty of this. Besides in writing, I am not very good at expressing emotion of feeling, and it makes for an anxious, uneasy feeling. One of the hardest things I have ever had to do was let go of someone I truly loved. Similar to the duke in the story, but on the other side, as I felt like I was unable to reciprocate the love of someone who loved me, and it created many sleepless nights. The only thing I could do was let the person go, even though they fought it and didn’t understand my reasoning; it just made sense to me. This is just one of the “crazy” things that love has made me do. I have had many other huge decisions in my life to make, but none of them had the effect on me than that moment did. The funny thing is that the only way to mend the pain love causes, is more loving via wherever is most accessible.

One of my favourite excerpts about love is by Chance “the Rapper”, who sings in his albums interlude:

What’s better than followers is actually fallin’ in love
What’s better than frolicking, follies, fallin’ in mud,
Rolling in green pastures, wanderin’, followin’ love
What’s better than eating is feeding your fam,
What’s better than meetings is missing meetings to meet with your fam

What’s better than yelling is hollerin’ love,
What’s better than rhymes, nickels, dimes and dollars and dubs,
Is dialing up your darling just for callin’ her up,
It ain’t nothing better than fallin’ in love

This very poetic rap is a very vivid example of the force of love. Chance creates a multitude of comparisons to things that may seem important but when compared to love seem so small. Impressing people at your job, providing for yourself, having money all see so insignificant to finding someone you love and who loves you back. De Pisan clicks into this sense, and the (fictional) young duke must live with the grief that many people face daily.

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