RLGT 100 Word Review: P.Reign – Dear America (JUNO’S EDITION) █♣█

Juno’s week continues. Each day we are highlighting a different album from this years Best Rap Recording category, with predictions coming Saturday, and a full recap of the show on Sunday. Without any more intro, lets get into today’s review. 100 words, starting naooo:


RLGT 100 Word Review: P.Reign – Dear America (D.A.)

“Dear America, I’m only what you made me. Young, Black, and Crazy”, Rap legend Shyne speaks on the intro, but Toronto’s P.Reign puts a different spin on “Dear America”. D.A. serves as Canada’s official wake up call to our southern neighbors that we are coming. NOW. D.A. is a multipurpose tape where literally the intro, the skits, the bangers, and the feeeels all let you know. Fittingly, the highlight comes from the Drake assisted DnF which serves as the anchor banger. Full Toronto style is incorporated, with all of the city’s influences evident. An open letter to America; we’re coming. (word count: 100, this is the first one I really had to chop stuff out of, so much to say)

Rating: 8/10, I really, really enjoyed this tape. Think I like it better as a mixtape though, didn’t come across as cohesive with the feature tracks added.

Standout Tracks: DnF ft. Drake (duh), Rihanna (for them gully vibes), and Camera (for the feels). Stream the whole thing, here: https://soundcloud.com/preign/sets/dear-america-mixtape-1

I hate to say it, but with only 2 albums yet to review, Dear America is definitely the standout for me so far. It’s probably just my taste though, as his style fits with my taste perfectly. Just gonna have to wait and find out this weekend! Good luck to all these awesome artists. Check back tomorrow for our next JUNO’s week review!

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