RLGT Style: Stomp It Out (How To Incorporate Boots Into Winter Wardrobes)

*Imagine that “Walk It Out” by DJ Unk plays in the background while you read this article*

RLGT Style is all about showcasing fashion options that are warm enough to stand the Canadian conditions, but cold enough to keep you looking ICY as a muhh (sorry, I was feeling a little gangster, gotta stop listening to so much old Game songs…). Canadian culture influences the world, why not show em how to do it properly. Be a tastemaker, not a tastetester.

RLGT Style: Stomp It Out

I’ll admit it, moving from a city that gets, maybe, 1 week of snow to a full-on winter city, I was a little late on finding practical but good looking options for the winter. I either had dope stuff that I was killing my self rocking because it was too light for -20, or warm shit that just wasn’t dope enough, so I hesitated to wear it. Eventually (3 years later), I have been able to being adapting better, and finding functional ways to stay fashionable (wow, I hate that word) in the winter. This goes from learning to layer properly without bulk, just having cool outerwear because that’s what you will be in for most of the months, and my most recent adaptation, boots. Using boots to add some style, warmth, and waterproofing to your fit can be the perfect finishing touch. Boots are awesome because unlike sneakers you can make them go with just about anything. Lately my favourite combo is joggers and my timbs because the silhouette it creates is maaad clean, and for color (which as you learned a few weeks back is my favourite thing in winter) slightly rolled up joggers allow for some perfect color blocking with some vibrant socks.


(the classic “OH, were you taking a picture of me?” pose)

On this particular day, my roomies and I were messing around taking pics for my room-mate Troy’s new blog (All about maintaining fitness and a healthy lifestyle while living with Crohn’s disease. Really vivid and interesting commentary, check that out here: FlaredUpFitness), and I decided it would be a good chance to get some more pics for this segment. As you can see, it wasn’t too cold of a day, but there was still a little snow on the ground. Threw this fit together from the things on my floor, and boots by instinct.

  • Brown suede boots by Timberland (no wheat doe)
  • Khaki Joggers by Zanerobe
  • Black Hoodie and Triple black snapback by The Hundreds
  • Denim Jacket by AE
  • Accessories by HUF & Nixon

From the pic above, and maybe a bit from the cover photo, you can see the silhouette that I was taking about. Something about any high kicks looks really dope with joggers. Personally, I went with the brown Timb’s because I think the Wheat colorway is kind of played out, but like I always say, rock what you like. The brown go better with more of the rest of my wardrobe, and I like being a little different. Boots aren’t cheap (these ran me just under $200 over at Little Burgundy), but if you choose a durable pair they will be the best investment you make in a winter city. I’ve worn mine for the last 4 or so months with barely any wear and tear at all. Dr. Martens make some pretty cool alternatives to Timbs, as well as the classic Sorel boots for the ladies. As you can see, I also chose to rock the layered Denim and hoodie, a classic and easy look. Got the socks peeking too.IMG_2722

In conclusion, my most basic but helpful tips for winter would be layering, and BOOTS. Both are super simple things that you can add to your winter wardrobe and will still leave you enough space to stay warm, but keep personality and originality. The timing of this article is pretty shitty if you’re an Albertan with all of this nice weather we’ve been having (knock on wood), but you never know with this Canadian weather when the snows gonna fall, and you’re going to have to stomp it out, “running through the 6” in your 6 inch Timbs.

Two words: one love,


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