Watch: QuESt – “Biscayne Blvd”

Destination, who decides?

With recent posts about love coming from RLGT this past week, I’d like to continue on with that theme.

This time around, I’d like you to check out this video by rapper QuESt.

“Biscayne Blvd” depicts a simple video of “him and his girl” kickin’ it in the streets of Miami. Produced by Logic, former Visionary Music Group label member QuESt shows us just what love really is with this track.

It’s not about an expensive steak dinner and it’s not about the biggest diamond ring that fits on your girl’s finger.

Sometimes love is about the little things; being with the one you care about the most and to be able to freely express yourself with your loved one without feeling embarrassed. By doing what seem to be meaningless things, they turn into the most meaningful thing when you are with the right person.

In this song, QuESt questions the future of the relationship. He hopes that their affection for each other never ends. He is so much in love with this person he’s starting to doubt the relationship because of his commitment to something that is not guaranteed.

QuESt’s storytelling abilities are undeniable. His true nature of lyrics proves him to be one of the top up-and-coming rappers in the game. He recently left Visionary Music Group to create his own label, WiseUp Music. Things are looking bright for this young man.

Check out the video below and don’t forget to cop his latest mixtape, “Searching Sylvan”.

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