RLGT Up-Next: Get Familiar With Ronnie Dylan

Even though we are one of the newer sites doing what we are doing, we get a surprising # of artists who want to get recognized by us. But you know when you have a weird feeling about someone right away? That is how it felt when I listened to the first song I had heard by Seattle’s own up and comer, Ronnie Dylan. Like all the submisssions I get, I gave it a listen, because to me the dopest thing you can do for someone is share your art with them. I was led towards Dylan’s newest music video for “Manumission”, the first video for the title track off of his recently released Manumission mixtape, executive produced by Jake Crocker (you might recognize the name if you happen to be a Raz Simone fan).

Though I’m usually pretty cautious around people with 2 first names (jokes), to my pleasant surprise, the un-signed artist had great wordplay, and a crisp, clean flow. Immediately intrigued, I checked out more of his tape, and knew I had to find more. Humble as ever, Ronnie Dylan answered a few questions for the RLGT fam who might not have heard about him already. Check out his answers, XXL “doin’ lines” style below.


Q. Who are you? 

A. My name is Ronnie Dylan

Q. What city are you repping? 

A. I come from Seattle, WA.

Q. Describe your style of music, and your biggest influences:

A. My style of music is very conversational meaning I wouldn’t say anything in my music that I wouldn’t say in a conversation with you in person. I try incorporate what’s going on in my head with what’s going on in our culture today, predominantly in the hip hop community today. My biggest influences come from East coast hip hop (I got a lot of family there such as NYC), J. Cole, and of course my good friend and mentor Raz Simone. I follow a lot of people and artists that are willing to take that risk to not only speak what’s going on but also their ways to get through it.

Q. What is your favourite album of all time, and why?

A. My favorite album(s) of all time would either be Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 which was a huge influence in my decision to pursue a career in the music industry or honestly J. Cole’s recent 2014 Forest Hills Drive strictly because of his continuous raw honesty which I believe every listener is entitled to hear.

Q. Who are your favourite artists right now? 

A. My favorite artists right now are of course J. Cole, I really am vibing with what Drake just did on his IYRTITL too. I also am looking forward to hearing what Mani Coolin’ from LA has to offer with his upcoming album Hope for the youth because of his content and that title itself, he’s up and coming which is always exciting to see.

Q. Where can we hear your music? 

A. You can always hear my music, see my videos, and keep up with me on www.ronniedylan.com which has links to soundlcloud, youtube, and all downloads.

Q. What do you have to say to your Canadian fans our there? 

A. To my (future) Canadian fans I would love to say “I’m Ronnie Dylan and I can’t wait to meet you in person.”

Q. Finish the sentence: The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn about the industry is:

A. “The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn about the industry is that some artists don’t realize how serious young listeners take their lyrics.”

If you couldn’t already tell from his answers that Dylan is a smart dude, poised for success in the industry, even the title for his album has some real deep meaning to it:

“Manumission (my most recent EP name) was a term used in slavery times when a person would not only free slaves from their chains but also take the time to integrate them back into a functional life rather than leave them to their own devices which often lead to being recaptured into slavery if not death. I chose this title and took it’s definition quite literally when crafting Manumission because of how I look at the industry. I realize that it’s near impossible for one person alone to change the music industry but I do believe that the people that will, need to see/hear someone who they can look up to.”

Educated in the classics, but a scholar in the modern, Manumission features that progressive “spoken word” style being made big by a lot of the pacific north-west guys coming. As mentioned early, you might recognize this style to that of Raz Simone’s, and this is because Dylan and Simone are great friends, both from Seattle, and Dylan looks up to the way Simone maneuvers the game.

Manumission comes almost a year after Ronnie’s debut, the American Dreams EP. The diverse project comes complete with the gritty beats, and hard bars in “Get On”, to the impressive wordplay, and deep meaning of “These Chains”, but perhaps my favourite track would have to be “Cul De Sac Dreams” which feature Dylan flowing over an electronic laced beat, with a snapping snare.

“We all fall in line when they call our time, no matter the rich or the poor
But if life just gon be a task for you then what are you living it for?
I’m wishing for more, more hunger, more love, less given
Let’s stop talking about routes, lets talk more about what’s in em
It’s complicated, I ain’t lying, but I ain’t figured nothing out without trying
From the cul de sac to where I die in, this my life my pain
All because of a platform I’mma rap for them all of the same
These are the cul de sac dreams every body feel me saying”

Overall, the way I see it, is that Ronnie Dylan, has the skill, the poise, and the hustle to make it big in this industry which is hard to come by these days, especially in the mainstream. This, paired with a skilled mentor, and being in the company of many other talented artists like Fatal Lucciauno, Raz Simone, Jake Crocker, and Sam Lachow, is more than enough for Dylan to achieve major success.

Stream Manumission in its entirety below, and be sure to check out Ronnie Dylan on all platforms, including over on his YouTube, and at his website to download the project. If Dylan has made a new fan today, hit him up over on Twitter and let him know that redleafgoldteeth sent you.

Your future is bright, Mr. Ronnie Dylan.

Two words: one love,


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