Short Film: Colin Tilley’s “Mr. Happy” Starring Chance The Rapper

Via Vice:

Vice: The film brings up a number of controversial topics from euthanasia to society’s inability to deal with mental instability and today’s discontentment of youth. Do you feel a system like is a positive thing to have in the world?
Tilley: I feel like is a really serious subject. I’m pretty sure there are similar things that exist out there on the deep web. I have never witnessed it myself, but I’ve definitely read stories that sounded pretty similar. I think that if you want to end your life there should be a way to do it, but not in such a romantic way. This website in general is something very controversial—it’s a weird look into what the future could hold for us.”

After announcing the film, and previewing with a trailer (watch that here, if you don’t have 25 minutes right now to watch the whole thing), today we get the full version of the Colin Tilley x Chance the Rapper (AKA Chance the Actor… word to Deverill) short film, entitled “Mr. Happy”. Mr. Happy is a well shot and edited short film, with a powerful story line that focuses on a young depressed man who struggles to end his own life due to dissatisfaction with life, until he stumbles across a mysterious website. Read the whole interview with Tilley about the movie over on Vice!


The whole thing is pretty important in the message it has, and the thoughts it provokes. Check it out below, but I warn you its VERY well filmed so it may be disturbing to some. Tilley has filmed videos for Justin Bieber, DJ Carnage, Tyga, Chris Brown and many more, so check out more of his stuff over at his page if you dig! Happy Friday, I promise we will be back with something more exciting later today!

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