New Music: Krewella – Somewhere To Run

YouTube’s Proximity Music comes through again with another huge exclusive! Today they drop off the newest single from Krewella, “Somewhere To Run”!  This is one of Krewella’s first release since producer “Rain Man” left the group in late 2014, and some cyber-nerds (jokes… kind of) in the comments are speculating that this one was either produced by Vicetone (based on sound), or Adventure Club as they are dating the twins. Either way, no matter who produced this one, its another great sounding track!


(Above: Krewella as of 2014, before Rain Mans departure, Jahan Yousaf, Kris “Rain Man” Trindl, and Yasmine Yousaf)

Stream the new one below, and indulge in the always wonderful Krewella vocals. Do you think that Krewella can keep up their strong showing of the last couple years without their Producer? Lets us know in the comments below! Happy Monday!

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