New Music: YONAS and Luke Christopher Continue Tuesday Traditions

Nobody likes Mondays, Humpdays aren’t all that, Thursdays are just a tease, and we expect greatness out of Fridays.

2 rising artists from opposite ends of the united states are helping make our weeks get off to a little bit better of a start, with their respective Tuesday series. YONAS of NYC, and Luke Christopher of California, have been putting out new music every Tuesday with their #FREEMIXTUESDAYS and #TMRWGANGTUESDAYS, respectively.

YONAS a seasoned vet, has been gaining speed quickly with his last two FREEMIX tracks, comprising of a “Take Me To Church” remix, as well as taking to soundcloud to drop last weeks “Uptown Funk” remix. Christopher on the other hand, remixed 2 tracks of his own, with an incredible Ellie Goulding cover last week, and a tasteful remix of Marvin Gaye’s “Mountains”, both released via his soundcloud.

(Above: Left, NYC Rapper, YONAS. Right, California Artist, Luke Christopher)

Today, we get another new track from each of the artists. Luke Chris drops a new uplifting original called “Bridges” ft. Siena Strieber, while YONAS gives us another instant party playlist addition with “Believe”, a Mumford remix.

Listen to both of the new tracks below, and be sure to go back and check out our full feature on YONAS from a few weeks back, here! Also, be on the look out for an up-next feature on Luke Christopher as well! Excpect big things in the near future from both of these guys!

YONAS – Believe (Remix)

Luke Christopher – “Bridges” ft. Siena Strieber

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