RLGT Style: A Quick Run In The Park

redleafgoldteeth style praises Canadian fashion. In this segment we show you what we are currently rocking, and give a couple tips along the way. Be inspired by the world around you, but put your own twist on it. Be a tastemaker not a tastetester.

RLGT Style: A Quick Run In The Park

What’s hatnin’.

Today’s fit comprises of a mix of athletic wear paired with a dope tee and some classic joggers. With the rebirth of spring, I’ve been inspired to be more and more exploring with my fits this time around. I’m trying to mix and match between a lot of different brands and styles to create some unique fits as a way of expressing myself. This particular fit is a by product of this way of thinking, and I’m really happy on how it turned out.ok

Read below for a breakdown of each of the individual pieces.

 Top – Legends League ‘Branded Bad News Bearer Tee’


You may be asking this: what the hell does this shirt mean? Well sadly I have no clue. Nonetheless whether it has a meaning or not, who knew a couple of mysterious symbols on the front and some numbers with a fat line at the back could result in a great product. Led by Bryan Espiritu from Toronto, The Legends League brand pulls off a unique raw style of clothing that is incomparable with so many other brands out there. Sometimes its just cool to have a few of those wild shirts in your closest that you can come to when you feel very risky and dramatic.

Outerwear – Adidas “Team Issue Full Zip Hoodie”


This is my most recent pick up. After some quality time spent in Winners, I found this beauty for a pretty good deal. Rocking the ‘climawarm’ technology, the inside of this hoodie is made with 100% polyester fleece that’ll keep me warm from those windy days.

Adidas has started to appear a lot on people’s radar, especially after seeing how Kanye revitalized the brand through his collaborations. But don’t focus too much on Ye’s work; Adidas has done a brilliant job with other collabs such as with Pharrell and GOOD music signees Big Sean and Pusha T. Adidas has given rap artists a platform for them to express their creativity and it’s awesome to see what they can come up with given it.

Pants – Zanerobe “Sureshot”

There’s not much explaining I can do here. The pants say it all.

Zanerobe has changed the whole game with their pants. Everywhere I go I see guys like me wearing these, and I can’t blame them. They are good quality pants and you can easily match these with anything to create a dope fit. These pants have become a staple in my wardrobe…

Shoes – Nike “Free Run 5.0”


I originally bought these with the intention to work out in. After a friend generously gave me another pair to take to the gym, I’ve had the chance to incorporate these into my wardrobe (sorry, Kanye). You simply just can’t go wrong with wearing a pair of runners during the day, especially as a university student. Bouncing from class to class, these shoes compliment my daily routine as well as provide some nice color to my fit.

As you can see from this all, by incorporating the comfort of traditional work-out gear such as your favourite runners, and comfortable pants, and mix it with some stylish pieces, you too can create the perfect outfit for a busy, on-the-go college student. The important thing is to find what you like, and what looks good on you, while remaining as comfortable as possible.

– Raymond

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