Monthly Reminder That Niykee Heaton Is Still Bae (Pt. 2)

You might recall our article a little while back back titled “Monthly Remider That Niykee Heaton Is Still Bae“, which was written in honour of her cover of “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap, which boo showed loved to.


(Above: Bae showing love on Twitter)

Well today my future wifey, who is most know simply as talented singer/ songwriter/ producer extrodinaire, Niykee Heaton, is back with a brand new full feature interview and photoshoot with Complex… and all I can say is “dzzaaamn gurll”. *Fighting to keep the drool off my keyboard as I write this* The editorial titled “Niykee Heaton Has Everyone on Their Thirst Behavior” features photos by the worlds luckiest man, Marcus Hyde (check out his Insta for proof), and an interview by Lauren Nostro who interviews Niykee all about her craft, and of course the thirst she creates with each IG post.

There have been rumors of you dating rappers, too.
Trinidad Jame$ asked me to come to one of his shows a long time ago. Everyone made such a big deal out of it. I posted a photo of me and Snoop Dogg backstage. The comments were: “Snoop Dogg fucked you.” I could take a picture with Hillary Clinton and the comments would say, “They’re fucking!”

Although its hard for me to accept that the whole world is able to revealing see pics of my bae, the interview is pretty entertaining, and god knows the pics are too. Check out a gallery of a few of my personal favs below, and head over to Complex to read the whole thing! Ms. Heaton, if you see this, call me.

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