It looks like Ludacris has been keeping busy during 2015 so far. As one of the stars in the newest installment of the Fast and Furious series, Furious 7 (that hit theaters last week), he also just dropped his latest EP Ludaverse earlier this week that includes big name features from Miguel, Usher, and B.I.G KRIT (Check out the stream here). In addition, Ludacris will make his way to Calgary on July 5th to perform at Cowboys for the Calgary Stampede.

To celebrate his recent successes, this week’s throwback is dedicated to the man himself.


In November of 2006, Ludacris dropped his massive hit single “Runaway Love” for his fifth solo album, Release Therapy. Up to this point in his career, most of us had known him for his turnt’ up anthems “Get Back” and “Move Bitch”. But with “Runaway Love”, Ludacris proved to us that his arsenal of rhymes contained much more substance than we previously thought. Backed up by vocals from Grammy award winning singer Mary J. Blige, this song quickly gained critical acclaim for its subject matter dealing with domestic violence/abuse and eventually earned them a Grammy performance in 07′.

Yeah, I can only imagine what you goin through ladies

Sometimes I feel like runnin away myself

So do me a favor right now and close your eyes

And picture us running away together

When we come back everything gonna be okay

Open your eyes

Having been released almost 9 years ago, this song still gets to me every time I come across it. I feel like the heartbreaking message that is portrayed in “Runaway Love” is a perfect example that illustrates the beauty of music. Whether it is positive or negative, rap and hip-hop has always been a platform for artists to freely express their thoughts and emotions through their own words. This provides an opportunity for fans to connect with them on a different level and show my appreciation for them as artists and as human beings.

As for myself, I’m going to show appreciation for Ludacris by watching Furious 7 this weekend.


Have an awesome Thursday!

– Raymond




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