RLGT 100 Word Review: Wale – The Album About Nothing

If you aren’t familiar yet, here at RLGT we like to keep our reviews short and sweet, 100 words or less. Today we are gonna jump it off with a brand new review on Wale’s newest project, that dropped just a few days ago. This one was a pleasant surprise, so lets get it started!

RLGT 100 Word Review: Wale – The Album About Nothing


The hardest working (if you ask him), and the most worried (if you ask me) rapper in the game, MMG’S Wale Folarin, delivers familiar subject matter on his newest drop The Album About Nothing. Sticking with the notion of being unappreciated, Wale doesn’t give us much new to sift through. With that said, I was well surprised with the overall quality of this album. Kendrick fans will hate me, but I really enjoyed the theme and thought it was well executed despite doubts. No feature verses are laid, with only Folarin left with his thoughts. The album feels like a sit in while Wale expresses himself in a blank room, and the outcome is more than adequate.

Rating: 78/100 – The album has its moments, but also includes a few complete flops including the should-be banger, “The Summer League” ft Kanye and Ty$

Standout Tracks: “The Need To Know” ft SZA, a magical back and forth, with a playful theme down to the song’s intro. “The Girls On Drugs”, most people know this song from his Holiday 2014 tape Festivus, but it still delivers, and fits well on the album. “The Bloom”, simply because its uplifting as fuck.

STREAM TAAN in its entirety here!

Overall, as mentioned Wale really suprised me with this album. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve listened to all year, but it definitely is a project I would re-listen too, after maybe deleting a few tracks. To be quite frank I can’t say that I expected much out of Wale, as I usually interpret his lyrics as him bitching, but he found a way to get his point across, while staying tasteful and adding a few good twists along the way. TAAN is one of the first examples in a while where the overall theme and skits worked great, and really complemented the project. Good job, Mr. Folarin… and Mr. Seinfeld!

Two words: one love,

-The Writer About Nothing (man, I am overusing the F out of this joke), Hospey

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