Elhae: Every Life has an Ending

“Atlanta based artist Elhae is what we’d call a “triple threat” being that he raps, sings, and produces. He’s been on the scene building a buzz for the last few years in hopes of making a mark in this industry. The name Elhae is also an acronym for Every Life Has An Ending, which he says he uses as a wake up call to live every day like it’s his last. Something we can all live by.” – TheGoodVibe.co

With the recent success of his latest EP Aura, it seems that Elhae (pronounced L.A) has finally blossomed into a full-grown artist who is finally receiving the proper recognition that he deserves.

His musical talent is undeniable; his rap game packs huge heat with his lyrical flow, but is brought back to equilibrium quickly with his relaxing vocals. To complete the trifecta, whether they are his or not, his choice for beats and instrumentals are always uniquely layered, and he seems to always find ways to make crisp, coherent tracks out with them.

However, Elhae (whose real name is Jamaal Jones) wouldn’t be who he is today without experiencing some ups and downs. After getting the chance to be a part of Ricky Rozay’s MMG tour back in 2012-2013, Elhae gained momentary fame by earning some major features from the MMG boss himself and Canadian Tory Lanez, on his records “All Day” and “Till Its All Gone”, respectively.

But even after his 2014 release of Champagne Wishes, Elhae had a self-realization that the direction of music he was heading in wasn’t reflective of himself.

“You just kind of want to listen to people that are older than you and that have been in the industry longer than you. That’s how it kind of is when you first come into the industry or music in general, you don’t want to be hard or difficult to work with basically. You should do this record, you should do that record, thats kind of what I don’t want to do but I’ll do it. That’s pretty much how it was,”

This began a new era for Elhae. He began to follow his heart and started making music that felt right to him (which is never a bad idea). During the same time as the abrupt end of a two year relationship, he dropped a random, brand-new project UNDERVCHIEVER, which proved to Elhae that he had made the right decision to start fresh.

Now with a new project Aura behind him, Elhae has showed to us that it’s more rewarding to create something knowing that you feel 100% comfortable with it, rather than falling victim to the societal norms that often trap a lot of people.

Elhae took to twitter a couple days ago to thank his supporters by releasing a new track featuring SPZRKT called “Take Care”, which can be purchased through his bandcamp. Peep below for a free listen of his EP, Aura, via his soundcloud, which I’d urge you check out as well if you like what you hear (…and you will).

“I just want to live comfortably, I’m not in it to be rich or famous nothing like that… I want to be able to touch lives with what I do.. Connect with people all over the world, that’s the goal…” – Elhae

– Raymond

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