Why The Roshe Run Is Now Called The Roshe One

Some people (mostly just hypebeasts like me) might have noticed, or ever seen a few articles detailing the name change of one of Nike’s most popular shoes in recent years, the Roshe Run. The shoe will now be known as the eerily similar “Roshe One” instead.

(The Nike Roshe “one”)

So, if the 2 models are so similar, why even bother with the name change? The has been alot of speculatiion, but large Roshe fan-based website TeamROSHE has returned today with some exclusive details. They cite the 3 major reasons fro the new title:

Via TeamROSHE: “The reason for the name change is multi-faceted. First, “Run” was never in the initial plan for the name. When we visited with Dylan Raasch back in October, we asked about the name, whether it was meant to be one word or two, since the box labels had been made with both variations. He told us that the intent was just to name it the Roshe, but since there was another product in the marketplace with that name, they were not able to call it Roshe on its own. They added the “Run” because, although it was a Sportswear shoe, it had a loose connection to a running lineage. It was, however, never intended to be a running shoe. The Kaishi, for example, does not have “Run” attached to it, despite being a related shoe, because the name did not necessitate it. In the time since the release, the Roshe (the shoe) has become attributed to the name, and so Nike is free to move away from having to include “Run” in the name. We never did figure out what the product was that caused the addition in the first place.

Secondly, there was actually a Roshe Two planned. It has since been scrapped/altered/whatever, but there were talks and preliminary design work. There is some speculation that new women’s Zenji may have been that design, but that has neither been confirmed nor denied. Unrelated, that seems like an interesting shoe. Feel free to start up TeamZENJI, since we probably won’t have the time. And there may yet be a second Roshe model, but no news has come to us about it since then.

And thirdly, as has been speculated in places like Modern Notoriety, the consumer feedback about confusion regarding whether or not you can run in this shoe (nope, you shouldn’t) was mounting at an increasing rate, and Nike apparently reached the point that it was easier to follow through with the name change, rather than hundreds of questions per day about why you can’t/shouldn’t run in a shoe that has “Run” in the name. For the uninitiated, it’s a reasonable question. Wear it for 5 minutes, and it should be pretty obvious. However, it is a tremendous post-run shoe, and we would wholeheartedly recommend it as such.”

So, there you have it. Basically the shoes called the Roshe Run (because of strange circumstances), was confusing people because of the name, and due to talks of a second version due to OG popularity, they decided to drop the “Run” for a #. Simple right? I still think its because of a lawsuit or some legal trouble due to the name… bu what do I know? Knowing Nike I’m sure they would put a little more thought than to toss on a suffix and call it a day. And it also doesn’t seem to make much sense to me to have a second model for such a popular, simple shoe with infinite color blocking options, and with so many different models already. If their was a 2, I think it would have been the Flyknit version with the modified sole (the current Male Flyknit Roshe set-up).

Anyways, don’t think this will stop the popularity. I personally own 4 pairs and plan to get more, as for the price you can’t find any comparable “crossover” shoe out there. Keep Roshe-ing, fam. (…did I really just type that…?)

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