Watch: Ronnie Dylan – Dig Deep ft. Fatal Lucciauno

“As a gift to you all for being so loyal, there is a new music video on

to remind all of us how deep we have to dig.”

He’s baaaaaack. Only a month out of his latest EP, Manumission (an RLGT favourite), Seattle rapper Ronnie Dylan is back with a dope new visual. The video, for his song “Dig Deep”, was shot entirely in 1 day, and features fast cars, cinemactic scenes, and a very dope, climactic ending (whats not to love?). Fatal Lucciauno drops a quick verse as well, while finding his way through his own overgrown-forest of thoughts.

Ronnie delivers a positive reminder on how far we all have to go on that little road called life, which may cleverly may be disguised sometimes at an old-beaten down path, when we are at our toughest points. This video comes just a few days after Ronnie Dylan discovered that even with his solid recently project, he would not be a member of the COM 2015 Freshman List. He displayed his passion in the form of words in a letter which he recently made public, speaking on the distress of the music industry at the moment, while still acknowledging that its times like these where he really must “dig deep”.

Ronnie Dylan's resonse to College of Music for the recent Freshman List snub; Powerful.
Ronnie Dylan’s resonse to College of Music for the recent Freshman List snub; Powerful.

Peep the video below, and if you missed our full feature editorial on Ronnie and his Manumission EP last month, read that one here! With content and skills like he possesses, don’t be surprised to hear more big things from this young man soon! A little birdy tells me we might get some more visuals, very soon!

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