Squamish vs. Pemberton: Which Festival Should You Go To (Lineup Mixes) █♣█

Last summer I was blessed with the chance to go to my very first music festival ever (Sasquatch), and I can truthfully say it was one of the greatest weekend of my life. Since then, I set out a personal goal to go to a different festival each summer, for at least the next few years.

This summer is coming up quick, which means new music from all of your favourite artists, and maybe more importantly tour schedules. We are lucky enough to be so close to the U.S. that many big name acts come through Canada on their summer tours, especially for the summer festival circuit. Big Canadian fests like, Squamish Valley, Pemberton, Chasing Summer, Bestival, Ottawa Blues fest, Osheaga, and SO many more. Specifically in western Canada, the 2 big names you will hear alot are “Squam” and “Pemby” (S/O to Harrison’s dusty festival vans). People from all over BC, Alberta, and the Pacific Notherwest of the States make the trip out to just outside of Vancouver for either one of these shows.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to be able to check out both this summer, RLGT has threw together 2 brand new playlists for you to check out, which we hope will make it easier for you to make your decision, and find what you like! Plus if you already know which you are going to, it will give you a chance to discover great, new acts that you might not be familiar with! The mixes are very headliner heavy (since those are the acts you are most likely to see), with all the “middle tier” acts accounted for, and a couple of the smaller acts as well!

Check out both the Squamish and Pemberton mixes below, or over on my personal 8tracks account. Leave a LIKE on which mix you preferred, or which event you plan to attend, and lets see which fest the majority likes better! Let us know in the comments if you discover any new great bands from these mixes as well! Enjoy, and happy listening!

Weigh in on twitter with the #squamvspemby hashtag!

SQUAMISH 2015 (RLGT Megamix)

PEMBERTON 2015 (RLGT Megamix)

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