Stream: Mura Masa – Someday Somewhere EP

Most of you might not even know this kid is, but this 18 year old producer from the UK is quickly building a grand reputation with his growing discography of majestic electronic mixes alongside his captivating vocals.

Continuing on the momentum from his November release of Soundtrack to a Death, Mura Masa (Alex Crossan) surprisingly dropped his latest 7-track project a couple of days ago, Someday Somewhere. Highlighted by fellow London rapper Jay Prince on “Low”, this project really brings in that electronic-R&B feel that shows the maturity of Mura Masa and his development in the artistry.

Aside from his projects, you have to check out the rest of his Soundcloud page and listen to the remixes that he’s previously done. Mura Masa always finds a way to remake tracks by putting new life into them, surpassing any expectations of what you expect in hearing any remix.


If you fucks with dopeness, then you better fucks with Mura Masa.


Check out the Soundcloud stream of Someday Somewhere EP below:

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