Bermuda Shorts Day 2015 OFFICIAL Party-Pre Mix

So if you made it to the conclusion of Varsity Blues, you probably saw me talk a little bit about an event at the University of Calgary called “Bermuda Shorts Day” or BSD. Basically  its an event run by the students union each year for the last 50 or so years, and it takes place on the last scheduled day of school. Its free for students, and comes set with beer gardens, live acts, and all of that fun stuff, and attracts over 5000 students to the gardens each year, in Lot 32!

(Throwback to BSD 2014. I make these videos yearly, although they are super roughly edited to be able to get them up ASAP, they are always the most fun to look back at. Look out for the 2015 version!)

BSD is one of the best times of the year in Calgary, and one of the biggest parties in Canada. It’s my personal favourite thing about going to university here, entertainment wise, and in honour of this weeks festivities, I took the liberty of throwing together a new party mix. Our last 2 RLGT mixes (Shmacked Mix & our 90’s kid #TBT mix) have both went Gold with 100 likes, so lets smash that number again this time!

The mix features everything you could ask for, including lots of electronic, hip-hop, top 40, and the classics! At 45 songs long, and just over 2 and a half hours, this ones a doozie! Starts off low and just when you think its staying there the peaks are highlighted with a couple lowkey bangers. Trust me, make it until at least track 15 before making any judgements.

Listen to the new mix below or on my 8tracks page, and leave a like on the mix if you enjoyed! SHARE this mix if you are hyped for BSD, and let your friends know what music you will be listening to this Wednesday! Grab your bands this week, and I’ll see you in lot 32!

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