RLGT Premiere: Jarreau Vandal – B.Y.O.B.

If you’ve followed us here at RLGT at all, then you’ve definitely heard about one artist out there doing big things across the pond. He is currently signed with the Soulection record label out of California (home of JMSN, amongst others), and is associated with the Wavefiles music collective in the Netherlands, and has garnered a large following on Soundcloud through his unique originals, and masterful flips. His name is Jarreau Vandal, and RLGT got to “sit down” (…we live in 2 different continents) with the man, in preparation for the release of his newest track, “B.Y.O.B.”

redleafgoldteeth x Jarreau Vandal

IMG_3861Jarreau, real name Ellroy, is a “artist/producer/DJ” from the small town of Maastricht in the Netherlands, who later re-located the country’s capital of Amsterdam to chase his dreams. Jarreau, who picked up the Vandal stage-name through his early street-art days, was able to capture the public eye with his distinct sound, and his ability to seemingly seamlessly connect genres. His future-soul remix of G-Eazy’s “Lets Get Lost” has gained over 2 million views on Soundcloud, and was actually the first song that I ever heard from Mr. Vandal (as I chronicled in our “Up-Next” feature on Jarreau). The percussion and synth placement is absolutely dreamy. It’s one of those songs that is so polished, that when you go back and listen to the original, you wonder why his version wasn’t the original.

As mentioned, the man is back with another new track (but I’m not a rapper, though), and RLGT has been granted the absolute privilege of being able to conduct the official North American drop! We know how important it is to get to know the artist behind the music, so we asked Jarreau Vandal a couple of questions, for all the new North American fans who will undoubtedly fall in love with his sound:

Q: Who are you?
A: Jarreau Vandal a.k.a Ellroy a 23 old music producer

Q: What city are you repping?
A: Internetapolis

Q: Describe your style of music, and your biggest influences:
A: I’m really influenced by a lot of different types of music. Mainly soulful music like jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop.
I also listen to a shitload of electronic music, you always have to stay on point with the developments in music!

Q: What is your favourite album of all time, and why?
A: Azymuth – Light as a feather.
The whole vibe and mix of the album is so amazing. Pure good vibes an sunshine.

Q: Who are your favourite artists in the industry right now?
A: Hiatus Kayote, Jai paul, Drake, Knxwledge and Kelela
I’m also really amazed by this producer called LTGL his productions very musical and diverse.

Q: Where can we hear your music?
A: On my soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/jarreauvandal

Q: What is the next big thing project fans can expect from Jarreau Vandal?
A: I’m working on a EP at the moment which I hope to release very soon!

Q: What do you have to say to any Canadian fans our there?
A: Show me some love and fly me over LOL. Nah JK, but I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Canada and the music scene over there, I would love to go there soon.

Finish the sentence: “The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn about the industry is… ” don’t share your ideas with everybody. Some people are okay with taking your ideas without giving you any credit for it. Just be careful and make sure you keep your idea within a safe circle until you are able to present it.

In his new track, “B.Y.O.B.”, which is an original that he created last week, Jarreau expresses all the feeeeels that come to him when he thinks about the warm summer months upon us. What makes the track even more special and beautiful, is the ending, which features him and his mother harmonizing on some melodies. In past interviews he’s described how producers that can sing are able to distinguish themselves better, especially live, but this is just awesome. He explained to me that this is the first time he’s released a piece like this with his mother before, and that the process was nothing but enjoyable. Talent clearly runs in the family!

Stream “B.Y.O.B” ft Mama Vandal below, and let us know what you think down in the comment section! Jarreau is the definition of humble and hardworking, and he is truly one of the rising stars in all of music in my opinion, so expect big things from him in 2015. If you are lucky enough to live in or near Amsterdam, Jarreau has been announced as one of the headliners for the Applesap Set Festival, alongside some huge names such as Mobb Deep, Skepta, and Sango! View the lineup, and purchase tickets for that one here! Also, check him out on Soundcloud to hear more tunes from the young man, and follow him on Twitter! Let him know that RLGT sent you.

The future is bright, take us home Mr. Vandal! *fades into the horizon*

Premiere: Jarreau Vandal – B.Y.O.B.

Two words: one love


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