Watch: “DOPE” Official Movie Trailer (With ASAP Rocky, Casey Veggies, & More)

In a year filled with a lot of dope music, we’ve also been seeing trailers for a lot of dope films in 2015. From The Entourage Movie, to the BMS Movie, to the NWA movie, but perhaps the dopest trailer of all has just been released (wow, I killed that joke in 2 sentences). The upcoming film DOPE features cameos from some of hip hops biggest names including ASAP Rocky, Casey Veggies, and Vince Staples, as well as executive production and new music from Pharell.

Dope film still

The action-comedy features a young kid in Inglewood, California named Malcom, who has dreams of going to college and building a good life for himself, until he gets tangled up with the wrong guy. He attempts to get himself out of trouble, with a few wacky adventures on the way. The film has received very positive reviews from critics so far and is a definite must see for hip-hop fans and movie loves alike.

DOPE is out June 19th (just a few weeks after the Entourage movie), so check out the full trailer below! What do you think of the movie? Will you be heading to the theatres this Summer to see it? Let us know in the comments below!

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