Watch: Bermuda Shorts Day 2015 Official Aftermovie (…Kind Of) █♣█

For many and most University of Calgary students, last Wednesday was celebrated as one of the greastest days of the year, Bermuda Shorts Day (BSD). As explained in the intro to our BSD 2015 mix that we published last week, basically on the last day on the winter semester for the past 50+ years, U of C students get together and throw a massive 5000+ person party in lot 32, complete with beer gardens, live acts, and the works!

The Smalltown DJ’s owning the stage at BSD 2015

Each year, since my first year, I have been compiling video clips from the days festivities and throwing together little mini-montage’s to commemorate, and to relive! First years vid started with a timeline of the day captured on my iPhone 4’s low quality camera, in last year’s video I stepped it up to the GoPro head cam (which amounted to about 4 hours worth of footage for me to sift thru), and this year I went with the GoPro again with some new techniques learned through filming over the year. Anyways, long story short I had lots planned for this years video, but due to some…. lets call them “technical difficulties” (for my family and future employers this entails my camera dieing, for everyone this entails me plausibly drinking a little too much) the video was cut a little short this year, BUT I tried my best to make do with the footage I was able to get.

Check out this years official YouKnowHospey x redleafgoldteeth BSD 2015 aftermovie below, and let us know what you think! Lets just call this one, the official BSD pre-drink aftermovie, and start preparing for next years video. If you know me, you know I’m pretty much the black Van Wilder, so I’ll most likely be in school for another 22 years, and will be hopefully be able to capture a few more BSD’s! Enjoy! (watch until the end)

Also, if you have any cool videos from BSD, head over to the submission section to get them posted on RLGT! We want to see who had the best BSD 2015

[HD] Bermuda Shorts Day 2015 Official Aftermovie (RLGT)

Two words; one love,


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