New Music: Jeremih – Planes ft. Chance the Rapper (Lido Remix)

Over 1 year, a video found its way onto the internet from one of Chance the Rapper’s secret Chicago shows, and it featured Chano performing a brand new track with fellow Chiraq native Jeremih, debuting a song later revealed to be titled “Planes”. Many months later, and a few months ago, Jeremih finally released the CDQ version of “Planes”, but instead of Chance the Rapper and the SoX accompanying him, J.Cole was featured instead. Not that anyone could ever complain about Cole being featured on a track, it just wasn’t the same… the SoX added so much to the track, as opposed to the slow, low-key beat that ended up on the CDQ, not to mention the absence of Chance’s verse.

(Above: The original performance of “Planes”, with the SoX in Chicago)

Today, we finally receive a CDQ version of Chance’s “Planes” out of the blue, although it is still not quite the same as the secret show performance. This version features a beat flip from Norweigan beatsmith Lido. This definitely adds, and the track is pretty awesome, but personally I still hope to one day get the full SoX version, Donnie, Stix, Peter and all.

Anyhow, check out the new version below, and let us know what you think! Do you like this one better than the J.Cole version, or would you rather just get a CDQ of the live version? Chance’s next contribution to a project will be #SURF, due out any day now!

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