Stream: Kehlani – You Should Be Here EP

kehlaniFor those of you keeping up with the site and our twitter feed lately, you’ve noticed my obvious fixation for up-and-coming Oakland singer-songwriter, Kehlani Parrish. The buzzing young artist just turned 20 last week, and after coming off of her previous Cloud 20 tape which brought in a ton of new fans (myself included) we get her newest highly-anticpated project You Should Be Here. The tape includes only a couple features, from BJ the Chicago Kid, Coucheron, Lexii Alijai, and a track from Chance the Rapper, but rest assured that Kehlani shines throughout. Showing her range from Mariah Carey vocal abilites on “The Letter” to that bay-area bounce on “Jealous”, Parrish makes believers out of anyone who might have thought she couldn’t top Cloud 20.

Stream the whole project below, and also look out for Towkio’s new project due out today as well (UPDATE: Stream .WAV Theory, here!)! If this doesn’t make you fall in love with the this buzzing young lady and her voice, you may need to get your ears checked! Look for Kehlani to make a major splash in 2015! Be sure to check out her soundcloud to listen to her previous efforts as well! If you enjoy what you hear, go cop #YSBH on iTunes now!

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